About Us

Providing the best health and wellness products at the most affordable price is not just our goal, it is our mantra…

Healthcart.lk is a marketplace and a destination to get the best offers for the most trusted and recognized healthcare and wellness brands. Healthcare.lk allows anybody to make online purchases choosing from a wide range of health and wellness products from across the globe. We are not only committed to get the best offer for our customer, we at healthcart.lk ensure that your purchase is delivered efficiently and promptly right onto your doorstep.

Our featured product range covers categories such as nutrition, sports and fitness, diabetes prevention, home healthcare devices, personal care, beauty care, parenting & health services. We are steadfast in our commitment to ensure the quality of the products we feature and we fulfill our pledge to you by partnering directly with brands and their authorized channels, to guarantee strict quality control and to deliver 100% genuine products.

We are based in Colombo, Sri Lanka and we have more than 60 years of enriched experience in import, distribution & trade around the world and have sold more than 1000 products to date. Over the years we have amassed a massive clientele with improved and quality customer care services. Healthcart.lk was founded in March 2014 (Geekay Pvt. Ltd. since 1952) and our business is formed on the grounds of giving simple and effective solutions to health enthusiasts.

Today, Healthcart.lk offers Sri Lanka’s largest range of genuine health products from all categories and all major brands fostering an online marketplace that is oriented towards making a healthy difference in customers’ lives. We have a passionate and health- inspired team of qualified professionals who are skilled in healthcare, technology, operation and customer management to meet every customer’s needs with care and efficiency.

For Our Customers…

There is always a friendly smile and a competent team at our end to ensure that our valued customers get a memorable online shopping experience. To meet the demands of the savviest of shoppers and deal seekers we have developed a focused and an innovative customer service while we provide an unparalleled selection of products for the most competitive prices and ensure that it is delivered to the customer’s doorstep. We at healthcart.lk believe that being healthy should be easy on your pocket and that your needs are unique to you. We have made it our mission to make your journey towards good health and wellness, a rewarding one and that is why we continuously offer the best prices, unbelievable discount rates and coupons. Healthcart.lk is committed to satisfy the customer to the extent that he will keep visiting our website for all health and wellness solutions. We look forward to continue our services at its best by teaming up with local businesses to help you choose the best products for the best price, by offering a priceless shopping experience that will be valuable for both our customers and merchants and crafting deals that offer elements of surprise, customer satisfaction and value for money.

For Our Merchants…

Healthcart.lk has both the expertise and ability to provide an ideal platform for local businesses to advertise and reach a huge customer base. We provide the perfect opportunity for our local businesses to tap into our vast network so they can enhance their efforts in marketing. Healthcart.lk does extensive research on every product to bring quality and efficiency to our business and we are very clear and transparent about our terms and conditions regarding the products we offer. The local businesses can utilize these strengths of our online business to increase their sales revenue by building a good rapport with our customer base. In addition we can offer our expertise in e-commerce, SEO (search engine optimization) and social media while acting as a liaison between the local business, our customer and the patron to find the most well favoured deals in town. Our one million subscribers and their experiences with us which they share with others have been the strongest testimony we have had as a growing business. So this website is the ideal ground to reach new and wider audiences as we handpick merchants to feature exciting deals that would impress our customers.

What we do for our merchants


Learn more about how Healthcart.lk can be your strategic marketing partner to promote your brand and deliver results that impact your bottom line. Call us on 0777778804, 0777484301 to know more about partnering with us.